Edwin has nearly a decade of B2B marketing experience for a range of industries, including healthcare, construction, and entertainment. He has worked on a variety of large and small private companies and non-profit organizations, developing internal and external marketing communication strategies for U.S. and Latin American markets. His most unique and valuable skills come from his marketing mix background in video production, graphic design, lead generation, web management, and analytics.

Edwin has successfully executed B2B campaigns across multiple channels, meeting lead generation and revenue volume goals, as well as brand perception objectives. Edwin’s sharp planning skills and efficient implementation of B2B strategies supporting sales and growth have demonstrated both quick short-term and long-term results.

His specialties include the development of short-term and long-term business strategic planning, marketing strategies, proposal pursuit, product analysis, advertising, branding, SEO, event marketing, and social media coverage.

Edwin’s contributions to editorial pieces have been featured in The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, The Plan Magazine, and number of online magazines and international publications.

In his spare time, Edwin and can be found practicing theatre, volunteering, taking pictures, or traveling and meeting people around the globe.