holly gerberich

Holly is a smart, passionate, and creative marketing professional with more than 15 years of marketing experience in agencies, associations, and nonprofit groups both in the United States and abroad.

Her specializations include the development of strategic marketing strategies, branding, digital strategies, market positioning, brand management, asset management and marketing analytics. She excels at taking on the role of Marketing Director and running seamless online and offline programs that incorporate a variety of channels – each client is slightly different. 

One of her most unique and valuable skills comes from her background in direct marketing – metrics. Holly insists on assigning ROI to marketing efforts whenever possible so her clients can tell if they are, in fact, getting a return on their investment. She then applies these measured learnings toward future strategies. 

Holly is exceptional at creative concepting and ideating, writing for both print and web, developing seamless online and offline marketing strategies, managing all aspects of your marketing program, and becoming a passionate advocate for your organization. 

In her spare time, Holly can be found scuba diving all over the world, horseback riding, camping, or simply hanging out with her two dogs and cat at her home in Washington DC.