Gerberich Growth Strategies

Marketing for Architecture/Engineering/Construction

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We will help you...

Get more leads. Obtain valuable insights in the industry. Win proposals. Build trust in your brand. Review and improve your marketing strategies. Take advantage of social media tools. Get published. Identify and tell your story. Win awards. Maintain regular communication with your client base and prospects. Be cost effective. Find the best ways to communicate your message. Explore additional revenue streams. Cultivate sustainable relationships with contractors. Review and define your long-term and short-term business strategic planning.


Our Services

Lead Generation

  • Use of digital channels and software to stimulate and capture clients
  • Bid opportunities search and networking
  • Potential leads development and qualification
  • Sales pipeline management
  • Leads and ROI measurement

Proposal Pursuits

  • Lead tracking and database maintanence
  • Go/no go process management
  • Reach out to potential joint ventures and/or teaming partners
  • Proposal kick off oversight
  • Proposal production and submission development

Digital Marketing

  • Website management
  • Advertisement
  • SEO rate increase conversion
  • Social media management
  • Newsletter development


Content Creation

  • Identification of relevant topics to target market
  • Creation and management of a content calendar
  • Relevant content creation
  • Project descriptions and resumes writing
  • Qualification package preparation

Event Planning & Promotion 

  • Identification of trade shows, business expos, conferences, and workshops that provide optimal exposure for your services
  • Event lead generation management
  • Booth selection assistance and promotional material oversight and/or production
  • Event follow up strategies
  • Event promotion and coverage through social media and website

Targeted Media Placements


Award Submission

  • Crafting stories and messages your target audience and the media will love
  • Creating relevant and informative content that is worthy of your audience’s time and interest
  • Identifying your target customer’s favorite media (social media platforms, magazines, newsletters, podcasts, blogs) and the times they are most receptive, and ensuring that your message is being shared by the right media and at the right time
  • Analyzing cost and return on investment
  • Driving continuous improvement for your campaign by using metrics and data to analyze results
  • Awards search and maintain database
  • Go/no go process oversight
  • Submission package preparation
  • Award notification follow up
  • Award promotion through social media, website and print media